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10 books (6 heinlein, 4 silverberg)
For less than a dollar each
(regular $5.99 to $7.99each)

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You can also use the link to get more information on the titles.

Clicking on 'ADD TO CART' adds all ten boooks to your cart.

All titles published by Phoenix Pick are 100% DRM free


This is a direct purchase through the publisher (Phoenix Pick).


1. Click on the 'ADD TO CART' button. A new window will open showing your purchase for all ten titles (as one purchase for $9.75)

2. Process your payment via the Paypal link provided. You do not need need a Paypal account, nor do you need to create one. Paypal can also act purely as a credit card processor for this purchase.

3. Within ten minutes of your purchase you will get a separate email with a download link for all ten book (both in MOBI and EPub formats). These downloads will be from our own platform, not Amazon. The Amazon links provided above are just for reference if you wish to get more information on the titles.

4. Download the appropriate type of file for your reader (or both types, if you wish). Kindle supports MOBI files while most other readers (including Nook and iTunes on iPad support EPub).

5. You can easily transfer these files to your specific reading device. Please make sure you are transferring the right format (MOBI or EPub for the reader type). There are extensive guidelines on how to transfer files to your reader on  most reader support pages if you are unsure on how to do so. There are also numerous Youtube videos on these subjects for most popular readers.


Given the price point, and the pricing payment structure offered by many major vendors we just could not afford to to offer this deal through them (for example, at this price point of 99 cents per books, Amazon would keep 65% of the sales price).